Matthew Paul Burns - wars

概要 Matthew Paul Burns

We are all wars. A fervent collection of coping mechanisms, toiling away at what often seems to be a hopeless, futile endeavour. Sometimes the wars we wage are against the politicians or the press; injustice and inertia, but the most important, the most poignant wars are the ones that occur within. When cognitive dissonance and imbalance and conflict simmers and spills, when the idea of the self is left unrecognisable, strewn and abandoned; when our heads and our hearts each side with opposing ideals, we realise we are all but malfunctioning systems fighting for a purpose, to create, to abolish that sense of worthlessness. Whatever the cost or the cause, no matter who you are, in the end, we are all wars."

wars are a 5 piece, Rugby-based hardcore band who began in 2015.

I really enjoy using the HT Metal 100, as it gives me the versatility I need to bring the depth we put into the tracks in the studio, to the live show. This amp goes to all our shows, is super reliable and I think I'm in love with it a little bit.