Barry Burns - Mogwai

概要 Barry Burns

Barry Burns is a Scottish musician best known for his work with post-rock band Mogwai.

Burns joined Mogwai just before the recording of their second album, Come on Die Young. He had already played a few gigs with the band beforehand as a flautist and occasional pianist. According to Stuart Braithwaite, Burns joined the band because he was a "good laugh". Burns is a versatile multi-instrumentalist and contributes (among other things) keyboards, guitar, vocals (mainly through a Vocoder), and flute. He is also the only member of Mogwai with a formal foundation in music theory, but he claims he is "a bit rusty".

I've never had the space for a proper valve amp in my little studio but the HT STUDIO 20 combo sits happily in the corner, making a big noise when I need it to. Great for amping up old synths as well as guitars.