Andy Cairns - Therapy?

概要 Andy Cairns

Andrew James Cairns (born 22 September 1965, in Ballyclare, Northern Ireland), is a founding member, singer, guitarist, and songwriter for Therapy?, a punk rock/alternative metal band from Northern Ireland.

After attending Ballyclare High School in the town, Andy then began working as a quality control inspector in a Michelin tyre factory. After playing in local heavy metal and punk rock bands, Cairns started the band Therapy? in 1989 with drummer Fyfe Ewing whom he met at a local charity gig. Cairns quit his job and became a professional musician when Therapy? signed to London based independent label Wiiija. The band, completed by bassistMichael McKeegan, went on to widespread success, perhaps in particular with the much-lauded Troublegum album on A&M Records in 1994, which has sold over one million copies. To date, he has recorded ten full-length albums, two mini-albums, two compilation albums and numerous EP's with the million selling outfit. Along with McKeegan, Cairns is the only original member still with the band.

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