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amPlug2 FLY for Guitar and Bass

amPlug2 FLY headphone amps for guitar and bass are the perfect solution for practice when noise is a restraint, or for when inspiration strikes ON THE FLY…

Voiced and designed by Blackstar in the UK, amPlug2 FLY models are battery-powered and have a foldable instrument jack plug for connection to any guitar body type.

The super compact design can be carried anywhere and is the easiest way to achieve real Blackstar amp tones in your headphones.

No need for a guitar cable

No need for a guitar cable!

The foldable input jack rotates 180 degrees to plug directly into all guitar body shapes.

Play anytime, anywhere

Play anytime, anywhere

Up to 17 hours of play time from two AAA batteries so you can play for longer on the FLY.

Auto power-off

Auto power-off

No need to worry about your batteries, after 30 minutes of no signal the unit automatically turns off.

Choose Your Amp

  • amPlug2 FLY Guitar

    The amPlug2 FLY Guitar has three channels - Clean, Crunch and Lead with tone shaping using Blackstar’s patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control to give you all the sounds you need.

    3 Channels in one unit

    • Clean - Clean chime, which breaks-up when pushed
    • Crunch - Classic, 'hot-rodded' Crunch with clarity and note-definition
    • Lead - Harmonically-rich, mid-boosted overdrive, perfect for riffing and lead playing

    Patented ISF control

    Blackstar's patented ISF control allows you to choose the exact tonal signature you prefer. At the lowest setting, the amplifier has a more American characteristic with a tight bottom-end and more aggressive middle, and at the higher setting the amplifier has a British characteristic which is more 'woody' and less aggressive.

    Nine built-in effects

    Nine selectable effects can be selected for any channel playing 3x Chorus, 3x Delay and 3x Reverb.

  • amPlug2 FLY Bass

    amPlug2 FLY Bass is specifically designed for low frequencies and offers a wide range of response. There are three distinct channels built-in, Classic, Modern and Overdrive, and a custom Tone control, to take your sound from deep and booming to bright and cutting. Engage one of the six different Rhythm loops to find your groove and jam along.

    3 bass channels in one unit

    • Classic - Valve-inspired tone with mid-range growl
    • Modern - Fat bottom-end with a mid-scoop and extended treble
    • Overdrive - Smooth, natural overdrive with plenty of bite

    Six different rhythm loops built-in

    Select from Rock, Funk, R&B, Hip Hop, Blues, Metronome and set the beat with the simple Tap Tempo control.

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