Peter Harrison - SPQR

About Peter Harrison

SPQR are known for making a visceral, new brand of art-rock.

For a short while SPQR were active on the UK DIY scene, perfecting their live show, and honing in on their sound. 2019 has been the band’s busiest year to date, after releasing their new EP Low Sun Long Shadows, they have been touring consistently.

The trio of weird-rock misfits often deliver tight, staccato grooves with rhythm section Bex Denton and Jack Sanders providing the perfect foundation. Peter Harrison’s freaky guitar colourations and crystal-clear voice are often free flowing and sit atop the foundation provided by Denton and Sanders.

I’ve been playing blackstar for almost 10 years. I fell in love with the tone and never looked back. They look great, they never ever break, and have always served me well, whether that’s in the studio or on tour. I’m made up to be part of a brand I love!