Alex Scholpp - Tarja Turunen, Tieflader

About Alex Scholpp

Alex Scholpp is a German guitarist born in Stuttgart, who is known above all for his activity in the band Farmer Boys. His hobbies are guitar, jamming with colleagues, he likes beer and testing new guitar equipment. He also likes teaching his students to play guitar. From sports he enjoyes skateboard and surfing. He loves finding new artists, that he doesn't know yet, and cooking with his wife. In music he is still working on something new, looking for new ways how to express his feelings via guitar. Cooperating with Tarja doesn't restrict just on tours, but comprises also recording guitars for her albums. Alex is also a member of German bands Tieflader and Dacia & The WMD. He is the husband of the singer Dacia Bridges (Tape, Dacia & The WMD).

From stage to studio, Blackstar amps are ripping in a way that I never had before! Thank you Blackstar for amplifying my playing and cutting through in every situation!