Miff Tuck - Colours Of One

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Colours of One are a five-piece alternative rock band from the surrounding areas of Bridgend, Wales. From the beginning of 2008 their line-up consisted of lead vocalist Michael Simmonds, bassist Chris Dower, guitaristsMatthew "Miff" Tuck and Rhys Hart, and drummer Paul Jones; until summer 2011 when bassist Chris Dower parted ways with the band, to be replaced with Ben Hughes.

The band's name is inspired by a lyric in Incubus' song 'Redefine'. The line is "So modify this third rock from the sun by painting myriads of pictures with the colours of one".

What I love about playing the Blackstar Series One 200 is the adaptability of the amps to any required tone, through from crystal clear clean tones to balls-to-the-wall overdrives. There's a certain presence across all the channels that I've never found so consistently in another amplifier