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Sun Dec 13, 2015 3:47 pm

Dear all,
I try to find the amp settings for Rammsteins "Kokain" like Commander Fordo on youtube uses:

My current settings (in time data):
Voice: OD1
Gain: 14:30
Volume: 09:30
Bass: 17:00 (10, full)
Middle: 17:00 (10, full)
Treble: 15:15
ISF: 13:00

Modulation: 1 (Size: 11:00, Level: 09:00)
Delay: 1 (Back, Level, Time ==> all zero), Linear
Reverb: 1 (Mix: 09:00, Depth: 09:00, Speed: zero), Room

It sounds similar. But there is to little volume and "pressure" (I use extra bass head phones). :?
Is it possible to create the sound with an ID: core stereo 10 (and Epiphone Les Paul LP-100) ?

Thanks for your help.

- dukeofbavaria -

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Tue Dec 06, 2016 12:16 pm

What amp are you using? I have the new stereo 100 high power combo, and there are some hidden settings on there.

If you hold the tap button and turn the Bass knob, you will adjust the resonance, which can give a bit more thud to your sound, and if you hold the tap button and turn the treble knob, you will adjust the presence, which will give you a lot more or less high end.

Let me know how you get on :)

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Sat Dec 31, 2016 10:30 am

Hi mdelahoussaye,
thanks for your comment.
I use a blackstar id core 10 (with bass headphones).
I can of course unterstand that a cheap amp has limited possibilities.
Therefore I bought a line 6 toneport UX2 audio interface (with pod farm 2 software for amp simulation) and connected it between guitar and laptop (blackstar amp patch: patch 2 standard "clean bright"). Next I looked for amp simulation presets that comply my aim to achieve Rammstein Sound. Partly I found some hints on youtube, but finally I bought a CD with presets from a spanish guy on eBay. There I found a preset (under thousands) that fits my needs quite well.
I haven`t achieved my aim yet, but my equipment now is performing quite well. And for the money I invested more than reasonable. Maybe some day I´ll find the "real" Rammstein preset that blows my ceiling away... ;)
Or I try a new guitar with active humbuckers.

Best regards

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