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Issues with new HT-1R mkii

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 7:39 am
by lassero
Hi all

New to the forum and (almost) happy owner of a HT-1R mkii. It sounds great!

However, I have a few issues which might be known and maybe there is a solution. I hope you can/will share your experiences.

1. I have been unsuccessfull in connecting the amp using the USB port with my Macbook Pro/Air->Garageband. I can see the HT amp as a device but I am not able to get any sound from it using it as an input. As an output it will act as a speaker for my Mac:-)

2. When I use the emulated output (with headphones) and crank the amp I hear loud crackling noise from the actual speaker in the amp.

3. Dependent on the headphones I use the volume level will be dramatically different. I guess that is an impedance issue?

Cheers Lasse