HT5 MK2 power reduction

HT-1R MkII, HT-5R MkII and HT-20R MkII Head and Combos.
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Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:32 am

I am interested in purchasing an HT mk2 combo (1w or 5w) for low volume home use only. I want to play at really low volume (TV volume or less), but with proper valve sounds. I have a Yamaha THR SS amp for this at present, but it just doesn't "sparkle" the way valves do.

My question is: how does the sound of the HT5 mk2 using the power reduction to run at 0.5w compare to the sound of the HT1 mk2 (1w).

Is the volume similar, or is the HT5 @ 0.5w quiete than the 1w HT1?r? What about sound quality? Is there more headroom with the HT5, if so, does this mean the volume/gain is lower and therefore the valves are not "cooking"?

Any advice gratefully received !

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