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Reposted from the General Forum, looking for some love for my self-silencing amp head!

Hey All,

New ID:Core 40H owner. I'm hoping my Blackstar foray won't be a blackhole experience but I appear to have met an event horizon. Regardless of voice setting my amp cuts out (as in goes silent) when I use the reverb or modulation effects. I haven't experienced this cut out with any of the delay settings nor with the amp running with all effects off. It doesn't appear to be volume related. The higher the effect level setting the faster it cuts out, but cut out it will between 1 and 20 seconds. I don't need to power the amp off to "reset" it, I can merely disconnect and reconnect the input jack and I'm right back to making noise and, ocassionally, music.

FWIW, this cut out occurs with either of my two guitars, both of the double humbucker variety.

Other than this flaw I quite like the voices so I'm hoping I effect a fix for these effects.

Any ideas, O Blackstar Wizards?

Thank you kindly from Berkeley, California.

Updated findings: (1) No problem in headphone mode. A full range of effects is available without any shut down. (2) based on (1) I checked the impedance of the new speakers I’m playing through. They are 8 ohm nominal, both read 6.3 ohms disconnected from the amp. So no discrepacy on that end of the signal chain. (BTW, 2 Jensen Mod 12-50’s in a Seismic cab, wired separately to take advantage of the amp’s stereo output. Sound great to me and really make for distinct voices from this amp head.)

O Titans of Tone, throw me a bone, let’s get this id:core fix thang goin’!

Snores and crickets, eh?

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I am having the exact same problem, i have two both with the same issue. They were fine for the first few months then cut with effects and some times distortion channel. If I unplug the jack and reinsert it works again.

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same issue...please help

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