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Hi guys, i'm totally new here, but i really need some help. I'm using the ID Core 40 to switch between a clean channel which is defaulted to have reverb and delay set to 'on', which i can switch off using the foot pedal, which suits me perfectly for the clean channel.

I want to be able to switch to the OD1 channel with the delay and reverb effects defaulted to being 'off', then be able to switch the effects on with the foot pedal.

I'm using Black star insider app to make my patches, and like i say, the clean channel works exactly as i need it when i load the patch into the amp, because the effects are defaulted to being on when i switch to it. However, when i save the OD1 patch in Blackstar insider app for the OD1 channel with the effects defaulted to off, i can't seem to turn them back on when i switch between clean and OD1.

Even if i save the OD1 patch and copy it over with the delay and reverb defaulted to on, it still doesn't work if i switch them off with the footswitch and save with the 'manual' button when i switch between the channels. Basically, switching away from the OD 1 channel then back to it turns off the effects forever.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and are there any solutions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure if i'm missing something or not.

My settings:

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Wed Sep 21, 2016 4:41 am

unfortunately if you want to use effects on any patch , they have to be saved as "on"

you will just have to footswitch them off, when you go to that channel.

sorry , this is one of the shortcoming of the ID core range

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