My ID:30TVP has now an open back!

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I did it! My ID:30TVP has now an open back!

I never was really satisfied by the sound of the AMP in my small practice room, or with my drummer. The radiation angle of good soundings in front of the AMP is so small, a slanted ampstand didn’t help much. Now I’m very very very satisfied, the first time I hear the real guitar sound with my ears, the drummer can hear my guitar without turning the AMP to him. I’m so happy! The pressure of the speaker and the sound didn’t loose much in my opinion. Warranty? I don't care. I want to feel the sound all over the body, not in my legs! And not to bend down constantly to listen how's the sound of the guitar.

I was dreadfully afraid of making a mistake when opening the back. I never did something like that. But if required I can close the back with 4 screws, or restore the original Blackstar board.
Blackstar 30TVP open back - 3.jpg
Blackstar 30TVP open back - 3.jpg (44.29 KiB) Viewed 4314 times
Remark: english is not my native language, in case of incomprehensible translation please contact me!

What you need: Much time and a black MDF board 50cm by 50cm (it's big enough for the 30TVP), or any other piece of black wood, or paint it black. MDF is good to handle, but when cutting it makes terribly black dust everywhere! You need a second person to handle a vacuum cleaner all the time. Don't forget some sheets of sandpaper to smooth the cuttings.

The first problem was the thickness. The original Blackstar MDF backboard is 12mm thick. On the whole Internet I coudn’t find a 12mm MDF board. 10mm ... is a little weak, 16mm ist too thick, but stable, in case a person reaches into the back and want to raise the AMP instead of the clutch - when loading for example - so I decided for 16mm. But from a present-day perspective I decided wrong, 10cm MDF would be hard and stable enought in case you coudn't get a 12mm thick board.

Cuttings with a buzz sow (you should count your fingers before and after the work):
Width: 46,6cm - do not throw away the rest cut. It’s nessesary as a strengthening for glueing in the protection board at the back of the top board (see pictures). I’ve made it with 5 screws, but that does not look very well. I couldn't find any black cross-head screws in the right length as well. If I'll find such I will change them to black.

How I cut the Boards:
1. Board 14,5cm for the top (not much less, and I recommend to put two screws into the sideholdings for more stability)
2. Board: 6,5cm for below (6cm are enough)
3. Board 11cm to protect the inside (glue it on the back of Board 1, it must be above the side holdings; see picture)
4. The restboard is for closing the back if nessesary. Don’t waste your cuttings, then the restboard will be largely enough.

No, I’m not happy with the arrangement of the screws, but now the holes are drilled. Changes are impossible.
The „Blackstar caution print“ is a copy out of the PDF-handbook.

Oh, I forgot the f***ing connection for power supply. It MUST fit without wobble! Take very much time to do that correctly! Many drillholes around it and never out of the line! You will hate that thing! An then rasp, rasp, rasp and always try to fit in the plug. The MDF board is hard! As I said: you will hate this hole! Take your time, at least one hour (could be much more).

No responsiblity is taken for the correctness of this information. But learn from my mistakes!

Please note the Blackstar caution warnings at the back of the AMP. Read it and make up your mind to do it or not. And pull the plug of the AMP before working on it! It’s your live.


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