Love the HT-1RH, how about an fx loop?

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Thu Jun 30, 2011 8:59 am

The comparable (in size,specs) VHT Ultra 6 has an fx loop....I LOVE the nice, thick high gain the HT-1RH has, especially when recording. I pair it with the newer Blackstar HT 408 cabinet, with four eight inch speakers, what a great combination!...It really is like a scaled down full stack sound, very full and smooth crucnh...I think I finally have the true tube sound and liveliness I've always felt was missing in my recordings with my Line 6 Pod XT, just GREAT! Can't wait to experiment with a mic too....anyway, to get the best sound from time based fx, you really need an FX loop when your're playing with higher gain settings...otherwise the sound is rather murky and the delay repeats are not crisp and clean.....The HT-1 RH is SUCH a useable little amp for recording, but I really need an fx it possible anyone has contemplated modding one , or possibly the next version will have it? My next option , is trade in the new HT-1 RH head for a HT-5, that does have the FX loop....

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The FX loop is a really glaring omission. Especially when the amp has no tone stack and the cabinet emulation on the line out cannot be disabled. What were they thinking?

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I totally agree with you guys. It's a great little amp for bedroom/apartment practice, but I really lament the lack of FX loop. The HT-5 is not a viable alternative for me, as it's too loud for my playing environment - or, in other words, at my desired volume, the HT-1 sounds better than the HT-5.

Blackstar: how about doing a new version of the HT-1RH which is more like the HT-5RH, with FX loop, tone controls and maybe even a foot switch for channel select? I, personally, would certainly pay more for such a model.

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Or how about a HT5 including the DPR feature so it can be reduced to 1 watt?

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Having it so you can use the lineout with the speaker emulation on or off would be useful, so would being able to use both the speaker and the emulated line/out at the same time so you could go live and use direct out.

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