HT5 MKII from USA in 220v countries

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Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:44 am

I bought a HT5rh Mkii from USA, In amazon of USA it appeared like 220v in the photos, but finally I get one of label 120v. I was actually able to fix it by buying a autotransformer.

I live in a country of 220v. I searched and read in the manuals/handbook's, but it's not clear.

The handbook and equipment rear panel indicate that the main fuse is 110v/120v and 220-240v.

But I'm not entirely sure, because in input it says 120v, just like in the box. :(

It's very confusing as it is. Because if the main fuse mentions 220v and 110v :geek: , both in the back panel and in the manual. But then the manual indicates to respect what says the Main input, which in my case from USA arrived in indicating 120V.

Does the equipment really have the ability to operate on both voltages? :!:
Can I plug it securely into 220v ? :?:

I'm looking for this information, which for many may be important. And avoid certain problems! Please help me to clear these doubts. Thank you very much.

PS: The amplifier sounds amazing.

Best regards
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Wed Dec 04, 2019 8:15 pm

Just in case anyone else gets past him:

I'll tell you everything I found out:

First, Important, do not connect it. The source does not support both voltages automatically. :!: :!: :!: :!:

Effectively the MKII (at least) are "wired" differently from China if they go to USA(110v) or other European(220v) countries, etc.

But they do have a power supply that supports both voltages (120v and 220v) only that the Main input, if the box or Rear panel says 120V is soldered for that voltage and we can NOT :!: connect it to 220v.

The change is relatively simple but requires take it to the official technical service. ( Electric PCB soldering work, which must be done with great care. opening the amp and change and soldering cables to at the 220v PCB inputs, or vice versa. )

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