Chris Buck - Buck and Evans

Acerca de Chris Buck

Chris Buck is a solo artist and part of Buck and Evans, a rock and soul quartet.

The rock and soul quartet - completed by rhythm section Bob Richards and Dominic Hill - found themselves to be regular favourites at London's Troubadour. Soon thereafter, Sally Ann and Chris found themselves on a plane bound for the US to back headliner Slash at Rock N' 2 Remember; a benefit show for those affected by Arizona's wildfires which had claimed 19 lives. The Prescott mountain crowd of three thousand looked on as Buck & Evans set became the talk of the day, before the night culminated in Slash, Chris and Sally Ann cutting and weaving their way through tracks by Hendrix, The Stones and of course, Guns N' Roses. Buck & Evans were featured on nearly every TV and Radio station in the state. 

The LT Boost sounds incredible. Perfect for giving the front end of my amp a subtle kick up the arse that's great for solos.