Mickey Smith - Ben Howard

Über Mickey Smith

Mickey Smith is a Cornish born musician/photographer/cinematographer living on the West coast of Ireland. His early years revolved around West Cornwall's surrounding Atlantic ocean, and musicianship from a young age. 

Mickey toured with various Blues bands playing circuits between Cornwall and London most weekends until he left school age 16.

Mickeys ongoing musical work scoring films and soundtracks garnered acclaim at this time, as well as cinematic work for BBC natural world documentaries, and movies such as Rupert Sanders 'Snow White and the Huntsman'.

In February 2013 Ben Howard, Mickey Smith and Nat Wason began a musical side project named 'Corsaire'. This band contributed two songs, 'The Burren' and 'Spirit of Akasha' to the soundtrack of the Andrew Kidman/Alby Falzon film, 'Spirit Of Akasha'. This collaboration led to Mickey joining Ben Howard's touring band in May 2013 as a multi instrumentalist, for shows worldwide that year, including a Saturday performance on Glastonbury's Pyramid stage to over 80,000 people.

The Artisan 15 has been epic for me, I always use it as my main amp. It's awesome!