Jack Fairbrother - Not Advised

Über Jack Fairbrother

Natives is a British pop-rock band from The New Forest, United Kingdom. The five-piece band consists of Andy White (drums), Ashley Oliver (guitar), Greg Day (bass), Jack Fairbrother (guitar), and Jim Thomas (vocals).

The band was initially formed by Jack Fairbrother, Andy White, and Greg Day when they started jamming together at school. Jim Thomas and Ash Oliver, both originally from different bands, soon joined their group. Prior to becoming Natives, the members played together under the name Not Advised. Feeling like they needed a fresh start from their Not Advised days, they soon launched Natives. This was shortly after flying to Los Angeles to begin recording their debut full-length album with platinum-selling producer John Feldmann.

The HT-5 is the perfect amp for on the road demoing. How something so small can produce such a big tone is a mystery to me, but I'm not complaining!