Damo Fawsett - Big River

Über Damo Fawsett

Damo Fawsett is a Guitarist from the UK, he's toured and recorded with Sacrilege, Slam Cartel and Reagan Browne, as well as playing sessions for well known international artists.  He also leads his own Blues Band called Big River and they have played with the Frankie Miller FULLHOUSE band, Dave "Bucket" Colwell and Dr Feelgood.

I happened upon Blackstar by chance, I was using one as my backline which had been provided at a show, I plugged in my Les Paul, a little tweak and there it was, "that" sound I'd been trying to perfect for over 30 years, tight bottom end, amazing solo boost and the creamiest tone. So I immediately went out and bought one. I want for nothing with this amp (HT-Soloist 60), It's a pretty small amp but I use it on big stages and it delivers the huge sound of a half stack on full tilt, this  thing really cooks!