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Gus G. Quote Gus G. - Firewind, Ozzy Osbourne
Silenoz Quote Silenoz - Dimmu Borgir
Paul Allender Quote Paul Allender - White Empress
Jeff Kendrick Quote Jeff Kendrick - DevilDriver
Mike Spreitzer Quote Mike Spreitzer - DevilDriver
Ihsahn Quote Ihsahn - Emperor
Hamish Glencross Quote Hamish Glencross - My Dying Bride
Joe Don Rooney Quote Joe Don Rooney - Rascal Flatts
Reb Beach Quote Reb Beach - Whitesnake, Winger
Jim Davies Quote Jim Davies - Victory Pill
Carlos Cavazo Quote Carlos Cavazo - RATT
Kevin Churko Quote Kevin Churko - Songwriter, Producer, Engineer
Matty Lewis Quote Matty Lewis - Zebrahead
Nik Sorak Quote Nik Sorak - Corey Taylor and the Junk Beer Kidnap Band
Barney Cushman Quote Barney Cushman - Symphony Cult
Andrea Odendahl Quote Andrea Odendahl -
Roddy Stone Quote Roddy Stone - Viking Skull
Dan Hicks Quote Dan Hicks - Mordecai
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Reb Beach Large Image

Reb Beach - Whitesnake, Winger


"The HT-5 is perfect for my smaller gigs, and people always flip when they hear such a big tone from a small amp."