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Find everything you need to help support your product, whether it be manuals or contacting us.


Everything you need to support you with your Blackstar product

Here at Blackstar we are always looking to support our customers as best as we can, whether it be through phone support, email support or just providing you with all the product information you could require about our products. If you do have a question or have any comments you can get in touch with us using our contact form. One of our customer service team will aim to get back to you and help you where possible.

If you have any feedback regarding the new Blackstar website, please email us at

Contact UK If you bought your product from a UK dealer, please contact us using "Contact Us - UK Owners"
Contact USA If you bought your product from a USA dealer, please contact us using "Contact Us - USA Owners"

Warranty Information

If you purchased a Blackstar product from one of our UK Dealers, you can register for your extended warranty online or via post using the Warranty card that was supplied with your product. The address to send the card back to can be found on the UK Warranty page. If you wish to fill in your details online you can also using the form on that page. If you purchased your product from a US Dealer then you will need to contact Korg USA to apply for your extended warranty. You can do this via our link on the side menu.

Call or Write to us

If you have a specific problem or require some further information/help regarding Blackstar products, you can get in contact with us via phone or by writing. We do however recommend that you take a look through our searchable FAQ pages as this will hopefully give you information you require about products and their features among other things. If you do however still need to contact us or speak to a member of the team, please find our details on our Contact page.

Catalogue 2012

Our current catalogue is available for download here in the PDF format. Click on the front cover below to download it.

2012 Catalogue

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Product Handbooks

  • HT-BOOST Pedal
  • HT-DRIVE Pedal
  • HT-DIST Pedal
  • HT-DISTX Pedal
  • HT-DUAL Pedal
  • HT-METAL Pedal
  • HT-DELAY Pedal
  • HT-REVERB Pedal
  • HT-1 Handbook
  • HT-5 Handbook
  • HT-5TH Handbook
  • ID:Series 15 30 Handbook
  • ID:Series 60 100 260 Handbook
  • INSIDER Handbook
  • FS10 Handbook
  • HT Studio 20 Handbook
  • HT Club 40 Handbook
  • HT Club 50 Handbook
  • HT Soloist 60 Handbook
  • HT Stage 60 Handbook
  • Series One 45 Handbook
  • Series One 50 Handbook
  • Series One 100 Handbook
  • Series One 104 Handbook
  • Series One 200 Handbook
  • Artisan 15 Handbook
  • Artisan 15H Handbook
  • Artisan 30 Handbook
  • Artisan 30H Handbook
  • Artisan 100 Handbook