Blackstar Artisan Series Guitar Amplifiers

Artisan Guitar Amplifiers and Cabinets

The Artisan Series of award-winning handwired guitar amps represents the absolute highest standard of craftsmanship and boutique tone. With the emphasis on simplicity and sonic purity, every feature has been refined to provide the artist with the widest range of reference vintage tones. Point-to-point tag board construction, welded steel chassis' and finger jointed birch-ply cabinets are complemented by beautiful vintage red Tolex and aluminium panels. Blackstar guitar amps allow you to find 'the sound in your head'.

Artisan Series Awards

Artisan Product Range

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Hand Wired

Point-to-point tag board

Each Artisan amplifier is designed to offer the widest range of classic vintage and boutique tones to the highest possible sonic standard. This is achieved by the design of electronics circuits that work in harmony with the finest components and materials available. All the designs are simple in their operation and yet deceptively flexible in their functionality.

Steel Chassis

Strong welded design
Steel Chassis

The Artisan Series of handwired amplifiers represents the absolute highest standard of craftsmanship and boutique tone. One example of this is the amplifiers have a strong welded chassis, built to last and withstand thorough gigging.

Channel Blending

Endless tonal variations
Channel Blending

The Artisan's topology allows the blending of channels. By paralleling the guitar connection to the inputs of Channel 1 and Channel 2 endless tonal variations can be explored. Use the hi input if you wish to achieve power amplifier break-up and overdrive. Use the lo input if you wish the amplifier to remain clean (this is especially useful if the guitar used has high output pick-ups).

Triode / Pentode Mode

Change the power mode
Triode / Pentode

In pentode mode the power amplifier has a dynamic response which is rich in bell like harmonics and has a beautiful ringing top end. The triode mode allows the generation of the critical power amplifier harmonic distortion at a much lower volume but is darker and more mellow sounding with a rounder top end. The lower power setting is particularly effective for home and studio use.