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We caught up with Carlos Garcia, guitarist for John Newman

22nd July 2014

Latest News Image We caught up with Carlos Garcia, guitarist for John Newman, among his busy schedule to ask him some questions:

•           What Blackstar amp do you use and why?

I've used artisan 15 and Series one 100s for the last 5 years on the road and in the studio. Love the simplicity and tone of the artisan range and the wide range of tones available in the series one.

•           When did you first play a Blackstar?

5 years ago Blackstar came to rescue when I was touring a lot and both my touring amps fell apart. Loved the Artisan 15 head and I've used it ever since.

•           What do you like about Blackstar amps?

Great tone, simplicity and versatility.

•           How does the Blackstar handle the live situation?

I've never had a problem getting heard with one of these bad boys!

•           What is your live set up?

Artisan 15 running at 5 watts as a main and an artisan 30 as a backup.

•           Have you used Blackstar in the studio?

Lots!  the range of sounds the A15 is capable of is incredible. It always lets a guitar's character shine through without colouring it.

•           Where do you place the ISF control?

On the series one heads I often keep it on the 'Brit' side.

•           What’s your relationship like with Blackstar?

The best! Joel is the man!

•           What’s next for you?

This summer we are doing about 40 festivals with John Newman. Then a headline UK tour in October. I do a lot of studio work on the side too.

Cello Amps!

18th July 2014

Latest News Image So, as you are all aware, Blackstar make guitar amps. However, you may not be aware that our amps make cellos sing too! Perttu from Apocalyptica is a cello shredder and he uses the HT Stage 100!

Young Guns recording

11th July 2014

Latest News Image Young Guns are currently in the recording studio working on their 3rd studio album. The band are using a range of Blackstar’s from the Series One and Artisan ranges. Stay updated here:

Emperor perform at Tuska festival

4th July 2014

Latest News Image Emperor performed at Tuska festival. Ishahn had a massive Blackstar backline which consisted of 2 Series One 200 heads, 1 HTV Stage 100 and 10, yes, 10 cabs! Epic. Ishahn also uses Series One 1046L6’s.

The Stranglers join Blackstar

4th July 2014

Latest News Image We recently had the honour of Baz Warne from The Stranglers becoming a member of the Blackstar family! Baz and the boys are heading out for a UK tour and festival dates, Baz will be using 2 Series One 50 heads with Series One 412B cabs.

Check out their tour dates here: 

The Defiled do Sonisphere festival

4th July 2014

Latest News Image Stitch D from The Defiled popped in for a visit to the Blackstar HQ to treat us to some incredible playing and to film an artist spotlight before he headed off to play Sonisphere to kick the main stage off to a brutal start!

Blackstar at the Glastonbury

3rd July 2014

Latest News Image The Blackstar artists did us proud at a very wet Glastonbury festival. Here are some links to hear Blackstar being used on the one of the world’s biggest stages:

Ellie Goulding sets with Chris Ketley using 2 x Artisan 30 combos:

John Newman with Carlos Garcia using 2 x Artisan 15 combos:

Sam Smith with  Ben Thomas using an HT-Soloist 60 and a HT5210:

The Horrors with Josh Third using 2 x Artisan 15 heads and 2x12 cabs

Kodaline with Mark Prendergast using 1 x Artisan 30, 2 x Artisan 30H and a HT Studio 20:


Kodaline are ready for Glastonbury

26th July 2014

Latest News Image Kodaline just picked up a couple of Artisan 30 heads ready for the road! Next stop, Glastonbury!

Ellie Goulding back on tour

26th July 2014

Latest News Image Ellie Goulding has just headed back out on tour with guitarist Chris Ketley who uses 2 Artisan 30’s! Ellie & Chris have both been sent ID:Core 20’s to warm up backstage.

Bury Tomorrow at Download

20th June 2014

Latest News Image Last weekend saw Bury Tomorrow performing at the largest event of their lives, main stage at Download Festival! The band used 12 Blackstar cabs creating the ‘Wall of Doom’! Guitarists Jason and Kristan both use Series One 1046L6 heads and bassist Davyd uses an Artisan 100!

Make sure you catch them at a venue near you!

Tesla using Blackstar

12th June 2014

Latest News Image We are pleased to announce that Frank Hannon from Tesla is our latest recruit and is now using the Series One 104EL34. This is what he had to say about it "The crunchy attack and sustain, yet rich clear tone I get from this Series One 100 rig is blowing my mind! Killer guitar tones! I haven't been this thrilled with an amp in years!"

Still got the Blues – Memorial gig for Chip

12th June 2014

Latest News Image Young Blues sensations Jared James Nichols and Chris Buck swung by to visit our Northampton HQ on Tuesday. They treated us to some tasty licks before heading over to The King Billy to perform in memory our Blackstar Employee ‘Chip’ who sadly, recently passed away. You can watch the guys playing here:

Bob Mould from Amoeba Hollywood

5th June 2014

Latest News Image Artisan 100 user Bob Mould played a one off show at Amoeba Records in Hollywood in support of his new album 'Beauty and Ruin.' The shop was packed with fans and the Artisan ensured that even the neighbours heard.

Bob also appeared on last night’s Conan O’Brien show using two Artisan 100 heads and cabs:


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