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Love the amp, great tone and features. No regrets and really the best sounding amp I've owned and it looks great but I just want to give some feedback. I'm not a fan of the right angle 1/4 inch plug in the back for the speakers because I have no choice but to transport my amp but on it's back and I know that plug touches the flat surface first because it sticks out beyond the amp chassis. Make them low profile flat 90's in the future! The standby and power switch is backwards from what I'm used to. All my house light switches and old amps all flip up for power and flip down for off, mild critique.

I also bought the extra FS-14 footswitch and although I love the idea, it hasn't been working great. After reading reviews on the internet on various dealer websites and seeing this myself, yes it takes 2-3 attempts to get channels to switch on a few buttons only (not all of them). When I first got the FS14, on the 3rd time using it one of the springs on the inside had fallen off leaving that channel non-functional until I put it back in place. Those springs aren't a good idea! They don't look very secure how they are situated and I suppose over time the springs will become looser and probably fall off at the worst of time, during a gig. I also find the solo boost a touch hot in volume differences when used with the other channels, maybe it only needs a 4-5 db jump. Unfortunately I got the pedal while travelling thru the USA so I'm stuck with it.

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