Communicating with a Blackstar ID Core Guitar Amplifier through its USB Entrance and C++

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I currently own a Blackstar ID Core 10w Amp. It has a lot of built in guitar effects such as Reverb, Delay and Modulation, all of which have various depths and levels. By connecting a USB cable from the amp to my computer, I'm able to use Blackstar's Insider software, which allows me to save these effects settings and switch to any of them with just a double click. However, the need for a double click makes it impossible for you to play your guitar and change effects during a song (which is what a pedal does).

However, I wanted to know if it's possible to use C++ to do something more ambitious than the manufacturer allows: I wanted to create a software that would play a backing track (voice+drums but no guitar) of a song and allow the user to set where during that song he wants his effects changed, and to what. This way, one would be able to play a song from start to end, not needing to worry about having to change effects.

This would also be a school project, so it can't really be a "mouse manager" or anything of this sort. It would need to be something more robust.

FYI, as far as I'm concerned, Blackstar does not give us any API we could work with. So I'd like to know if this project is even possible and, if so, where I should start.

Thank you!

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