HT Dual OD2

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Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:59 am

Hello Everyone.

I'm looking for some help! Here is what happened:

I bought a HT-Dual pedal from a friend and up to now it worked fine. I finally found the sound I was looking for and would never ever trade it against a other product. Yesterday everything worked fine, but todayeverything went wrong.

I went practicing in our bandroom. The drummer and me wanted to play Ozzy's Crazy Train. I used my Cort X-11, the Blackstar HT Dual on OD2 with a lot 3/4 gain. The HT Dual was plugged into a Peavy 50/50 tube poweramp and the poweramp is connected to a Marshall JCM800 Series 4x12 cabinet. And here comes the problem. As soon as I let my strings go I noticed a horrible feedback coming from the cab. It was simply not possible to control it. I moved arround in the room and even changed position of the HT dual... didn't help anything. Channel 2 of the amp (peavy) led to a similar situation. OD1 (Crunch) worked a lot better, but didn't have enough gain for my soloing. Bypass worked fine. In the end I was so frustrated I decided to go home. :( Does anyone have a idea what the hell is going on with my equipment? To me it's clear that somethings wrong but I really don't know what. And I unfortunately I think it has something to do with the HT-Dual... Please help! I want to be able to play with my beloved HT-Dual again! :(

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