Standby Switch - Studio 10 6L6 - seems non-functional

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Mon Jan 13, 2020 6:35 pm

Hello - New kid on the block.

I just picked up a Sudio 10 6L6 model - These things pack every bit of punch they are hyped to pack.

Mine is no different.

But I am trying to figure if I have a problem or if Blackstar amps are just weird...

The Standby switch seems not to do anything at all on this little guy. I get sound whether it's switched to "Standby" or "ON"

I was reading that other Blackstar amps have a standby function that is engaged by the guitar cord being plugged in.

I also no that standby switches are nearly meaningless on a low wattage amp, so I don't even know if it matters whether the switch works.


Here is what the manual says:

8. Standby
This switch enables the operation of the speaker output. For silent recording or
practice this switch should be put in the standby position. This will disable the
speaker output, but the emulated output will continue to work. ... ndbook.pdf

I can confirm that it does not disable the speaker output.

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