HT-40 Drive Channel Volume & EQ Issues

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Mon Jul 08, 2019 2:47 pm

Hi everyone,

I've been experiencing a strange issue on the drive channel of my HT-40. There are intermittent drops in total volume on the drive channel, which can be resolved temporarily when I play around with the bass control eq knob (e.g. push it in, turn it back and forth, etc). In addition, the bass control doesn't always work (i.e. the bass doesn't increase when I turn the knob from 0 to 10). Again, these are both intermittent issues that appear to be related.

I noticed that the bass knob is a bit wiggly, so I will tighten the nut that holds the pot in place. But I'm wondering, would tightening the nut resolve these issues, or is this the sign of a failing pot? I'd love to hear your thoughts/suggestions before I open the amp up and start to poke around. I'd rather not go through the process of desoldering the bass pot to test--and potentially messing other things up--if it's not necessary.


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Wed Jul 31, 2019 1:41 pm

Have the same issue with my first generation HT20 combo. Narrowed it down to the pot itself.
Used contact cleaner multiple times and it will work for a while then problem comes back.
The pot is a plug in and two techs i've taken amp to said they cant purchase the part because they are not a 'authorized' blackstar service department (not a lot in Ohio).
Guitar center is however they just subcontract with the repair shops I've gone to and charge way to much for a simple part switch (which they cant buy).
Found a place online however their replacement part does not look the same.
Good thing I still have my Orange TT to play out of.
Will salvage the tubes and my eminence speaker upgrade I put in the thing. Now its a door stop.
Because of this experience I changed my mind on getting another BS (loved the sound WHEN IT WORKED). Next amp with be a MT15 from PRS.

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