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Fri Jul 05, 2019 5:27 pm

Im sure this has been discussed before, but here goes anyway.
I have an HT1-R head I am using with a Celestion Eight 15 speaker & to me it sounds a bit dark. Would replacing the valves give me a brighter sound?

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Thu Sep 12, 2019 10:29 pm

I've spent a lot of time trying different tube, I wasted time and some money; for example I used JJ tube as many guys of the forum but with a lot of delusion, probably if I'd tried first with Genelex or Mullard both pin gold I would have reached the goal.
Anyway: after plenty of tubes I tuned back to the standard set (I bought it in Italy: Tad and Tung-Sol set).
Then I concentrated on the speaker. I need a "Fender" tone, something near little tweed amps. So I moved to Jensen speaker, I know the new ones are something different from the early years, but a Celestion doesnt run for me: too dull and "Marshall" sounding.
So I bought a 15 watt 8ohm P8R, very expensive as every Alnico one.
Very bright and vintage tone: Fender tone. The perfect one for me: I play with fingers and the balance I obtain is amazing. Only problem: that speaker is too thick, so with a little of d.i.y I've put four 5 mm thick wood strips beetwin the cabinet and the baffle: now every thing fits ok, it weighs like hell and sounds really like a bigger amp.
I've always been happy with this amp, I used it without great expectations; now I use it because it sounds good. Warning: I only use the clean channel up to the break-up limit, I have never used the distorted channel, so that's why JJ and Celestion stuff dont work for me.

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