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Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:31 pm

I just had Guitar Center ship me an ID:Core 10 as a bedroom practice tool - and while I think I like it, I've run into an issue. Can someone tell me what the specs on the power supply SHOULD be? It came a PS that doesn't say Blackstar - it just has a blue light up 'Great' logo on it, and it's spec'd at 10V 3A - but the back of the amp clearly says 6.5V 3A. It looks like the amp was opened before it was shipped to me, and I'm wondering if someone put the wrong supply in the box. Thoughts? Any help would be appreciated!


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Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:19 pm

I don't have that model, but given the voltage specs you quoted, I'd be giving them a call requesting the correct power supply. Definitely wouldn't plug it up to use :(

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I spoke to a Blackstar rep and I mentioned this to him. He told me that the 10 volt 3A supply was for the Core 20 and in order not to have different PS for the 10 & 20, Blackstar decided to use the 10V 3A supply for both amps. He said that the 10V 3A
PS will not harm the Core 10. It can run on 6.5 to 10 V.

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I just got one of these and the first thing that struck me as odd, was that the PS 2.1mm male barrel input will not bury all the way into the female jack. Very odd.

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Trew, thanks for the information about PSU!
You are right, the PSU is interchangable between Core10 and Core20. This Blackstar's guy move it from Core20 to Core10 (26:27) ... age#t=1580
and back to the Core20 (28:10) ... age#t=1688

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