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Tell everyone about your background and why you chose Blackstar
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Try and follow the chain of events that got me to this page. Now understand that I get bored easily and I'm always starting some new interest or hobby much to the dismay of my wife. I'm talking with a co-worker one day and he says he plays bass in a band that recently got back together after 12 years or so. He tells me the ins and outs of being in a band and I come up with the notion to build a guitar from pieces bought on the internet and since I do woodworking, this should be fairly easy-slap parts together-simple enough. The search intensifies while at the same time I decide that it will be a VH1 clone. As time goes on, my note pad gets filled with part numbers, specs, websites and prices. After I've gone through a few configurations, I realize that I can buy an American built ready-to-go guitar built almost like I want for much less, even with any upgrades I may want to add. A little more research later, and at my door arrives a brand spanking new Charvel So-Cal. So I whip it out of the shipping box and I realize that it is way to nice to rip apart and mess with. So I now have a $1,000 guitar and I don't even know how to play. My bass buddy and I get out of work early one day and stop by the music store that he frequents and I meet the owners. They just happen to be a Blackstar dealer. One thing leads to another and a down payment is made on a Club 40 and also I signed up for lessons. Well, a few payments and lessons go by and the store is having it's 3rd anniversary sale. The place is packed- people everywhere-free hot dogs-raffle giveaways- sale prices on everything- student bands playing under tent outside. AWESOME day. While I'm waiting to speak to the owner, I notice the HUGE price cut on the Stage 60. It was the same price as the Club 40 that I have been making payments on. I inquire if it would be possible to upgrade to the bigger amp and he says yes as long as you can pay the remaining balance today. It just so happened that there was another gentleman that wanted a club 40 and mine was the only one left in the layaway office. I'll be right back I quipped. Out to the car I go to call the old lady, I explain the situation and the green light was given. Back inside the check was written and the amp was loaded and away I went. Very happy. Go home, carry it to the basement, plug everything together and OH MY!!! Obnoxiously loud, Very Cool!! I am happy with my purchase thus far and probably won't ever need to buy another amp unless I hit superstardom. So, 4 months go by and I'm starting to make some noises that sound familiar and having fun. If I would have known that playing was this easy, I would have started 25 years ago. Still have a problem though- I still don't have my VH1 clone..........DAMN!!!

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