Hi everyone, from Ireland!

Tell everyone about your background and why you chose Blackstar
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The Shedder
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Mon Nov 08, 2010 12:05 am

Hi there everybody! My name is Liam. I live in Southern Ireland. I have been playing lead guitar for 20 years now in several gigging bands,
and used various equipment ( Fender, Marshall, Vox, Peavey, Mesa) but as of last Friday 5th november,
I have bought my first Blackstar! It is a HT stage 60, which sounds fab (still getting used to it!)
Hope to learn lot of all you pro's out there!
Guitar wise I use Fender Strats ( very versitile!)
Pedal board wise I use Vox tonelab SE. I also have around 12 Boss singular pedals six of which are placed in a pcb60 board,
they range from Delay, to Overdrive, Chorus, Supershifter, Digital reverb....
lead wise I use Planet waves leads, I also have a Sennheiser freeport wireless system for some gigs.
Thats about it, The Blackstar will become my main gigging amp,
The others have gone into bedroom playing retirement!!!

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