HT40 SE...thin buzzy gain..neal young cleans

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Sun Jan 31, 2016 12:23 am

I bought a Ht40 Special edition online.It is absolutely in pristine condition.. the clean was too brittle too high endy and an eq wouldnt help.....the gain channel sounds too has a full set of JJ tubes and the vintage 30 spkr was swapped out for an eminence legend.....the amp has less than an hour playing time as i just dont have THAT sound in MY it sits in a smokeless room heated doing this the way this model sounds? I have a Fender reissue blues deluxe, PV classic 30, rolands bc60's (both the 3-10 and the 1-12, and a Fender super champ xd, that I absolutely love and I play blues..I read give it time to break in,but to me, the amount of (or lack of)tone im getting ...i dont think another month will change much....If this is the way it is...then its for sale cheap....if theres a cure tell me please...

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Mon Feb 01, 2016 3:23 am

Doesnt't sound right, but I would play it for @ 80 hours to let the speaker break in, and if after that it doesn't give you the tone you are looking for...sell it.

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Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:32 am

If you bought it used, I wouldn't believe the seller only used it a few hours with the sound your describing. I would change out the power tubes first..

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Wed Aug 17, 2016 7:40 pm

I'm new to this forum, looking for some answers for my HT40 special edition too. I just think the sound is not thick enough, not powerfull enough... I compared with my friends regular HT40 and the sound is way more deep and powerfull. We tested with 100% same setting and same guitar. I always thought there was something missing to this amp, now confirmed by comparing with my friends amp. Why is this? Is this a flaw? Is this the "special edition" sound?

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Fri Aug 19, 2016 10:15 am

Hi, I know this is highly subjective but I thought I would share my thoughts. I bought a HT club 40 SE at Christmas, black with cream cloth and vintage 30. Other than that I think they are the same amp as a stock club 40. I spent hours in my local shop trying to decide which amp to buy. I had read here about the differences between v30s and 70/80s and between different tubes but had little experience knowing with the difference between them. If I like the sound then I'm happy and I dont care if it flies in the face of what "should" be better. So I was trying to use my ears as much as possible.

Amps I compared:
Club 40 SE (cream cloth, v30)
Club 40 standard
Club 40 second hand (so I assume the speaker was a bit more worn in)
Club 40 second hand with tung sol tubes (not sure what they were just new they were different to stock)

Like I say I spent hours over 3 seperate visits in a little booth on my own, constantly A/B ing the amps two at a time. My conclusion? - I bought the SE because I liked the look of the cream coloured cloth. There were differences for sure but nothing major to my ears. Some sounded slightly better on clean, some better on distortion, some a bit warmer, somtimes bassier.

I love the amp and find it very versatile for my needs, sound wise I would say the distortion was marginally preferable compared to the others - a bit wamer/thicker. If you had blindfolded me and asked me to idenify them I probably would have struggled. In comparison to choosing my guitar it was very different. I played about 30 of the same/similar model and each one sounded and felt very different. I guess the reason for my post is summed up in my first few words.

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