ID Core 40 dead after F/W update.

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Tue Mar 08, 2016 9:32 pm

I guess I'm not alone in this judging by what I've read online. Installed the Insider software on my PC, connected ID Core 40 via usb, the Insider software said a firmware update was available. Apparently my amp was on 1.0 firmware. Purchased the amp a few days ago from

Firmware update completed ok, lights were flashing in sequence on the amp during update and at the end of update the lights went off. Insider software said Update was completed. I turned amp off and on again. Nothing.

It's totally dead. No combination of button pushes + On switch brings any sign of life.

I have sent a return request to

Must say my Yamaha THR10 never had an issue with firmware update.

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Sat May 28, 2016 6:36 pm

Is this still an RMA or is there is there a sequence to wake the dead?

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NO MORE BLACKSTAR!! Even I have said the same things from Blackstar customer service. Of course being out of warranty do I have to pay any repair, resulting in loss of time and money? ... All this for an "official" software defect issued by Blackstar? Impractical, absurd and unbelievable. We realize that this claim for their mistake we must overcome us to the problem? my ID-CORE 40 amps, is out of warranty, always worked well and I have to throw it because I decided to update it? I work every day like IT, know well the various practices update and downgrade and I upgraded my amplifier with a macbook pro (2015), certificate usb cable attached to one of the USB ports powered not by the battery. recognized amplifier immediately, ok firmware update, restart…and after death ... tell me where I went wrong. Now I have a dead amplifier, should I buy some another (never Blackstar), and if I wanted to fix it I have to do it at my money for a problem that caused me directly the official firmware update Blackstar ... it seems normal? I will do everything to discourage the purchase to any person I know (and in Rome we have a lots of musicians), why do not you take around so people. We are all customers and we have spent money, those few...those many... but if you exist only thanks to us. NO MORE BLACKSTAR

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