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Tell everyone about your background and why you chose Blackstar
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Sat Nov 21, 2015 3:49 pm

Hello to all!! I am a 3rd generation Blackstar amp 1st was a ID-30 combo,then to the ID-60 1-12" combo,and now to the HT Club 40 1-12" combo amp..I had been doing a lot of online searching,and I figured it was time to purchase the Club 40,and I am glad I did!! Today going to take the amp outside to the back of our property and crank it up,hopefully breaking the speaker in without blowing it! I live it Northeast Texas,population of 2000 people,plenty of space out here to jam as loud as needed 24 hours a day and night without getting the cops called on me for disturbing the peace!! I have had a previous combo amp with a Celestion 78-80 in it,hoping this one sounds better than that one did after breaking it in..if not I have a nice Eminence speaker I was planning on making a cabinet for anyway,so either way I am a dedicated Blackstar man from here on out!!

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My Blackstar has just ran out of warranty and guess what? It died on me. I have owed it for just over 3 years and gigging it upto three times a weekend and upto a 3 weeks break.
I have had it serviced twice after a year or so and last night it died out on me. The sound just started fading and eventually i could smell burning and no sound, but the power light was still on.
I'm hoping it just a burnt out valve and nothing more serious as im getting it repaired for the last time and selling my problems to someone else.
I dont think my pedal chain has anything to do with it which goes like this. Gibson SG, Boss TU3, Joyo Tremelo, TC Electronics Corona chorus, Joyo Vintage Overdrive, OCD Fulltone Distortion, TC Electronics mini spark Boost, Flashback 4, BS Club40. Nothing in the effects loop at the back.

Also on a regular occasion my amp picks up radio frequencies which is to do with a certain part the amps are made with, why the hell are you still using these parts??

I also know that these amps are not 100% valve something to do with only the second channel being valve or something.

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