Hi, from the Netherlands (HT5C Combo and HT studio 20 Combo)

Tell everyone about your background and why you chose Blackstar
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Hi fellow musicians,

Today I registered, so IMO my first post must be an introduction...
My name is Cliff, playing the guitar for like 20 years or so.
Mainly I play Rock and Blues plus some Metal.
Mainly I am, (or maybe was, till I dicovered BS) a Marshall person, at this time owning a JCM800 100W 2x12 combo and a not so well known, but great and easy to use, very reliable SS 50W JCM 5210, which I mainly use(d) at rehearsals. Both Marshall are from the 80's, bought and never will get rid of (I think :? ).

My guitars are almost all Ibanez, all 80's till 2002 MIJ (7x RG's, 3x S's and a Radius) plus a Hagström Swede, a Peavey Wolfgang, A Washburn N2 and 2x Yamaha RGX.
... Ohh, and a Hell(o) Kitty Strat :lol: (just for fun).

As for effects I tried some Joyo pedals (cheap) in the last years and I was completely positively surpriced! Not only because of the price, but they sound really, really good. So I sold all my expensive pedals to build an 80% Joyo pedalboard, which I love! (for now, and for my needs). My fellow band guitarist is carrying a €5.000,- pedalboard, and IMO I am getting nicer sound at a less than 20% of that price with my relatively cheap board :D

How I discovered Blackstar:
I was using the SS Marshall in my living room for practice, but 50W is loud, even when it's solid state!
So I was looking for a low watt, preferably valve amp for in my living room (so I could leave the Marshall in my car for rehearsals).
I tried the Blackstar HT5C (10") and I immiately loved it from the beginning. Told my wife it is only 5 watt, so she probably could watch TV when I am playing...so: NOT! This thing is also loud! (but still bought it anyway).
But it sounds also great on living room volume, and even the headphone-out sounds very good. It sounds even better when using the Joyo Truetone's in front of it (Sansamp clones) and is perfect for recording directly into my Mac. I really love this thing!

Then I tried the HT Studio 20 combo, because it just looks nice and 20 Watts should be enough for rehearsals I thought. My GAS got me again, and I bought it.
Well I must say that I also really love this thing. It sounds great like it is, both channels, and together with my pedal board it can give me practically all the sounds I want and need. 20 Watts is sufficient for our band setup.
I only changed the knobs to white chickenheads. I think it looks better and the settings are better visible.
I am using it for rehearsals now.

Anyway, very happy with Blackstar, prefer them over the Marshall amps because of their sound at lower (but still loud enough for their applications > HT5 living room, HT 20 Rehearsal) volumes.
Keeping the Marshall 5210 as backup now for the HT 20 and will use the (unbeatable) JCM only when it needs to get really, really loud :-).

Maybe... maybe thinking about selling the JCM combo to buy an Artisan 30 combo some time...
... Just maybe :?


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