Anyone else going to pre-order? I'm hyped!

Discussion - Three single-ended 10W valve amplifiers celebrating the best of Blackstar's first 10 years.
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Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:31 pm

I just pre-ordered the Series One 10 AE and expect it to show up in late November according to the distributor in my country. I've always wanted a smaller Series One amp since moving my Series One 1046L6 with a 4x12 or even a 2x12 is too much work when I just want to go over to a buddies and jam.

I've noticed there are almost no demos/videos showing how these amps sound so here are 2 links that show some: ... RVDTZJ6gO4

I've found the youtube video to be not as helpful compared to the live stream. The live stream shows footage from a lot of other Blackstar amps as well, I think the 10th anniversary amps were within the first hour of it.

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Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:43 pm

Hey all, why did this topic die?

I am interested in an Artisan 10ae. Don't believe it's handwired like the rest of the series, but is it worth it?

Is it truly limited to 1k units?

Add your thoughts/reviews if you own one, thanks in advance!

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Sat Feb 24, 2018 7:19 am

I guess no one on the forum was super excited for this, not a lot of people use the forum anyhow.

I've seen people more excited in other places (a blackstar appreciation facebook group). Pretty sure the artisan 10 ae isn't handwired, but I've heard people have been enjoying theirs. You can always email their tech support to confirm. They are a great resource!

The only con I've noticed multiple people (including myself) is that since the amps only have 1 channel with a boost, your sound can only be set up ideally for 1 tone at a time. This makes it not as practical for a live setting unless you use pedals to help with your other sounds or only use the same tone the entire time. The general consensus seems to be the sound for the amps are fantastic and represent their amp lines very well. The amps can be loud enough for gigs, but might lack flexibility.

There are a ton more videos on youtube so I'd recommend going to check those out.

And yes they are limited to 1000 copies of each amp.

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