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Tell everyone about your background and why you chose Blackstar
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Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:05 pm

Hi guys!

I'm 36 years from Drobak, Norway, and been playing rockguitar for a long time.
THANK YOU BLACKSTAR TEAM for making me stop looking for another amp after 25 years of searching for my tone. I have started with the HT-20H and is soon to be a HT-100 owner.
I play Classic-Rock mostly and just love to death the tone i get with my setup. This is not at all just a metalamp, which someone claims unfortunately :P .
I must admit I put an EQ in the loop just to tighten the mids and tweak the highs a bit, but the MAIN TONE is right on! If the basic tone you want isn't there, the EQ is of no use right :roll: ??

Please check out my band ([url=][/url] and the (DEMO!)-song "I Know". Left channel, bridgepart and soloing is recorded with my HT-20H, while right channel is a Marshall JVM. In my opinion the JVM just sounds fizzy with no definition, and basicly crap compared to my HT. I do NOT like JVM....
Enough with the selling..... sorry!

I'm looking forward to rocking my Blackstar stuff in the future...... and yes, there will be more stuff..... there will be more........ :twisted:


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