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Tell everyone about your background and why you chose Blackstar
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Twang Banger
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Thu Mar 28, 2019 3:30 pm

Hey there, I'm Brian, living in along the coast of North Florida. I play rock, blues and country ... been playing since I was 7 years old ... have had a few amps in my day ... Vox, Fender, Traynor, Line 6, Roland ... the Fender sound is a staple for me with blues and country, and I love the Vox tone, but have never found a Vox amp I could get along with (noisy, shrill, brittle, etc) ... so, I stumbled on the new EL84-loaded Blackstar 20ht Mkii .. I've listened to several videos, read some reviews, and ordered earlier this week from MF.com .. it arrives tomorrow! Very excited and hopeful this gets me the Brit tone I want, without the issues I've had with AC15s, AC30s, etc. I am looking forward to this!

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Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:41 am

I've been playing since the 80s and just bought a Blackstar. I am impressed. The stereo sound and the emulator output are incredible. Difficult to work in the DAW. I'm considering going old school and recording with a mic. But, you will love it. It's so great. Also, Greta Van Fleet rules.

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