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Tell everyone about your background and why you chose Blackstar
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Tue Oct 16, 2018 12:36 am

Hi all,

Sold my Kemper (!) and bought an Id40stereo head a few months ago. I was surprised of the tonal qualities and so I discovered the TVP-models and decided to give the Id100tvp + 412 a go. Found a used halfstack at a silly low price and now I am even more impressed with the Id-series.
Using "crunch" with 6L6 just puts a big smile on my face, probably the same kind of smile when I first played through a Marshall 2204 halfstack when I was 14-15 year in 1980. OD2 and 6L6 gets my sound towards modern metal tones, feels and sounds like EVH/moded 6505ish.
I have just started to discover my 100tvp but so far its fantastic! Great job Blackstar! Found "the sound in MY head"!

Amps I have owned and used:
Marshall (1959 moded, 2204 Folkesson MkVI moded)
ENGL (Powerball I, Blackmore sign.)
Soldano Avenger
Peavey 6505
and more...

Save some time and money, buy a Blackstar TVP :D


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