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First off, love this amp, great rock sound. It's my second one, the first blew up in a matter of weeks. The tech could not figure out what failed, so Blackstar sent me a new one. Nice!!! Great tone, great cleans, great punch. But it needs some serious boost up front to get liquid leads. Which brings be to my issue. Why don't they put all of the features from the 100 watt head on the 20? Yeah, to keep the price down sure. But those of us that live in the studio require all of those features on our low wattage amps! Having to run a compressor and two overdrives out front and an EQ in the loop can be a real pain. So having the three foot-switchable channels that the user can assign the fx loop to would make this amp a true studio instrument. All of the bands I work with are Metal bands and I need a great clean channel, a heavy rhythm channel that chugs and djents, and a singing lead channel. This amp's 20 watts is enough with a 2x12 cab to jam, gig, and record with, but tap dancing on a bunch of pedals to go from rhythm to lead is a pain. Or put all of the features on the 50 watt head, then throw on a half power switch. Also make a three channel 20 watt head for the HT Metal series. JMO Cheers!

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