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Hello everyone from Schertz Texas!
Guitar and Tone Enthusiast here, I am a believer in Blackstar! first let me start of by saying I am no where near a professional musician though have played weekend gigs here and there as well a few Jams sessions. I will let you know that I have collected and played through several amps and guitars set ups. I recently purchased a used floor model Blackstar Stage 60, I was originally looking for a used Marshall but they didnt have what I was looking for. I had tried the Blackstars in the past with the lower level guitars and wasnt impressed. But for this particular visit I thought to my self maybe I didnt give blackstar a fair shake. So I asked the Music store rep to let me try the Backstar with a Gibson Les Paul Classic. I was blown away! so blown way I made a deal on it right then and there.
This amp replaced a Fender Super Reverb, Marshall DSL 40, and a Peavey Delta Blues! replaced a lot of various Pedals and Guitar Processors. with a tube screamer, chorus, Tremolo, and wah. I can get Sweet Blues tones like SRV to Bone crunching attitude like Slash. I dont get into Death metal too much but Im sure this amp can do it.
This amp does a lot! And has lots of power! huge sound,

Thanks Blackstar!

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