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New owner from Jacksonville, FL

Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2011 7:02 pm
by apw100
Just pulled the trigger on a new HT-60 Stage! I have never heard a Blackstar amp in person, but I wanted something other than a Marshall/Mesa and Blackstar seemed to fit the bill. I tried the Line6 Spyder Valve MKII(nice, but still not quite there), Line6 DT50(sounds great but not $1500 great), Egnater 4212(it wouldn't turn on) and some others, but I went with my gut and ordered the HT-60.
I have been lurking in the forums for the last few days and it has really been helpful. I ordered some Tungsol 12AX7s to replace the stock tubes and I am considering purchasing a pair of Celestion K100s as well.