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Hi from Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 8:26 am
by Dimitar Mihov
Hello guys! I am very happy to be owner of an ID 100 TVP stack ( ID 100 head + ID 412 cabinet). It's a killer machine with incredibily good sound. I am using it in rehearsals with my band Ivory Twilight (check us out on Facebook and Youtube ) and already test it in a few live shows. I've tried many different amps, tube and not, but this TVP setting is a real deal. The cabinet with 4 x 12 Celestion speakers sounds pretty good too. Overall I'm very happy with my amp, finally I found the sound I've been searching for, and for the money it's the best gear you can get. I am considering buy Series One at some point but time will tell, today ID 100 TVP is my amp. No matter rehearsals or live venues it can take it all!