Howdy from the mountains of Northern Ca.

Tell everyone about your background and why you chose Blackstar
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Howdy everybody,
New to the forum and wanted to say hello. I just picked up a new Series 1 EL34 for the whopping price of $850. I actually demoed both models some time ago and loved both of them. I have been for the last 6 years playin through a Fractal Audio Axe Fx. It is hands down the nicest piece of gear I have ever used. It does everything excellent. Being in a 10 piece Tower of Power type band it was very versatile and did what I needed. But......I am still in search of my sound. I had it about 30 years ago and then...... well you know how it goes..

So, I ran across this series 1 el34 head New basically and no one had watched or bid and I got it. I am runnin it through my marshall 4x12 with v30s. It sounds killer. I am even thinkin about pullin out the old vintage '75 echoplex.
I have been sick for a year now and cant play much but I am bored so I am building a new rig. I think it is a disease in! I am already lookin for the right effects to get the sounds I Trower, old Montrose, Pat Travers. We'll see how it compairs to the Axe.

So, Glad to be here and I will try to post the progress.

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Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:03 am

Welcome to the forum.

It's all about the journey, so enjoy building your sound.

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