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Tell everyone about your background and why you chose Blackstar
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Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:02 pm

:oops: Brand new to the site, and indeed Blackstar Amps :D

I actually went to my local Music shop this morning intending to buy strings, and cleaning equipment for my Les Paul which has been in it's case in the attic for the last four years!

I played locally in the pubs over approx' 16 years in two Duo's one covering classic rock by the likes of G'n'R, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, etc etc, and then an Indie style Duo covering Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene, Kings of Leon, Manics, Killers, Weller and so on.

However declining punters, the recession, and a messy divorce (At 50) meant I lost all interest and dropped out of playing live, and instead have concentrated on my other love of Acoustic fingerstyle playing (I have a Faith Jupiter)....until now! ;)

I've been getting the urge to start 'rocking out' again and as I said earlier my original intentions were to simply get my Les Paul back out again, new strings and a clean...however...a guy was trying out a Blackstar id:15 TVP and....I was just blown away by the sound....so much so I went back later in the day and purchased one, and the pedal board, although the board was not in stock I can wait :mrgreen:

I like the idea of playing an Mp3 through the amp to jam to (See my post in the main forum for my first 'Noob' question) as I'm not really that fussed about any pub gigs as the scene around here has all but died sadly, but to be able to jam along to songs/tracks in a compact unit like the 15 it seems ideal.

I haven't actually tried a guitar through it yet as my Les Paul appears to have fallen foul of the dreaded 'switch failure' as it's very sloppy and only the rhythm pick up appears to be working (Damn! :cry: ) but I may try a couple of fingerpicked acoustic numbers through a clean channel just to hear it.

Anyway Hello to everyone and I hope to chat to a few of you through the forums over time, thanks for reading.

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