Great amp- FIRMWARE caused Disaster though

Tell everyone about your background and why you chose Blackstar
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Fri Jan 16, 2015 9:47 pm

I really do llike these little stereo amps - and the sound they put out in such a small room or a fair sized small hall is very pleasing to the ear and at a distance too.

I went for the 20w because I prefer the option of a foot switch.
My other amp is way too loud for home playing and with friends- Just had amp bought new this last week- Jan 2015 -was not bothered about having to tweak sounds so that Blackstar Insider software could wait.
So I got to use it 3 times- then foot switch arrived - only to find out you have to ccnnect it to the software because
Blackstar dont tell you the footswitch is limited to 2 presets on off until you program it via the software to sequence other presets via the software -
Having read many other users hitting problems with software issues I was hoping I would have plain sailing - not !
Not to bore you all - Downloaded 1.6.2 very latest software release -finally software loaded - prompted to upgrade firmware - did so duty wise - now the amp doesnt light up - when power switch is turned on. tried someone else's way where it said hold the manual button etc when turning power on but no go with mine - just zero - no lights at all. Familiar problem to any others ?
Where the hell does all this 'default mode amp powering up - lights flashing' exist ? I havent seen it mentioned except by users not admin
So as of now no amp use - its Friday night and support not available till monday -
wish I had more good news to mention about the amp - and will if it gets going again
ps -If any admin guys read this over the weekend do help me please - appreciate it

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