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Tell everyone about your background and why you chose Blackstar
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Hey everyone,

My name is Ian and I'm a tried and true Blackstar products guy. I've been singing and playing guitar in bands for many years now and have owned all kinds of amps, but Blackstar seems to be the name I keep coming back to. I play the part of Paul Stanley in the Canadian KISS Tribute band DESTROYER, and I gig all the time.

I bought the HT-5R head a few years ago after trying out my buddy's. I naturally thought it sounded extremely cool, especially with any of my mahogany based guitars like Les Paul's or whatever. Because it's a sound I know and love, I bought myself the HT-Dual pedal for fly-in shows. I can put that pedal in front of basically any amp I'm provided with and have a sound that I trust and am familiar with.

Recently, the big guitar store in my town sold out to Long and McQuade's Music. Long and McQuade doesn't carry Blackstar but the old owners did. As a result, the Blackstar stuff was being blown out and I bought an ID:60 head and four channel pedal controller for a price I could easily live with.

The more I use the ID, the more I like it. I've recorded some of my own stuff with it and it rips. I've used it live for a couple of months now (replacing my EVH head), and I'm happier and happier with it each time.

Anyways.... Just wanted to say 'hi' and find some Blackstar love out there. I've been talking about these amps for years now but can't seem to find anybody that's too like minded in my circle.

Peace gang,


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