Tell everyone about your background and why you chose Blackstar
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Hi, there...

Been gigging off and on since the 80s (yes, I'm getting on...): started out with a Peavey Studio Pro 20, then escalated to TWO of 'em.. then a Valvestate 8080, then a rack of doom (8U, JMP1, GP100, VS power amp) and a pair of 1x12"s... then a JCM800, then a Tipton Slasher 6W valve head (voiced like 100Watts of HiWatt on KILL). Main amp these days is an HT-5R.

Used to play in a Fleetwood Mac tribute band - these days, mostly play in church, jamming some AOR stuff with a friend and working on putting together a folk-rock band.

My rig's here..

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