Peruvians greetings from Japan!!

Tell everyone about your background and why you chose Blackstar
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Infierno Supremo
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Sun Nov 07, 2010 2:14 pm

Hi everybody,

I am from Peru but I live in Tokyo, Japan, playing Heavy Metal with my Blackstar staff!!!!

This year, I discovered this brand. It was on May, I was looking for my first amplifier valve, and one seller man from Vox store, recommend me to go to Blackstar dealer, he told me "you will find your own sound with Blackstar, you won't regret" and after I went to the store, and he was right, I found my sound, I remember in the first contact I did fall in love for HT, I bought HT club 40, amazing, awesome.

Weeks later, I decided to buy pedals, so I decided for HT boost, after HT Distx, but now, moths later, today, I decided to get HT 100 for my concerts, in 2 days my amp head will be arriving!!!! I am so very happy with this, I am a fan of Blackstar. My best investment. I earned a good partner.

My friends in Peru, they didn't know about blackstar, now for me, they know it, and they are impressioned.

My next item, Blackstar Cabinet series one 4x12B.

For Heavy Metal and Blackstar I will die!!!

Peruvians greetings from Japan, and enjoy the power of this awesome amplifier.

Infierno Supremo

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